Articles on investing and capital management, with a quantitative focus.

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General thoughts and reflections on investing and the current market.


Investing With Crash Protection

I have two distinct strategies for investing while also having some protection from crashes and extreme volatility. One is Bullsignals... #bigpicture


Time To Invest In Bitcoin?

No. I already committed myself to a specific portfolio strategy, based on extensive research and modelling. My portfolio is based on... #bigpicture


Stocks Are Always Scary

COVID-19 certainly qualifies as a true catastrophe, but it won't be the last stock market disaster. As I pointed out a year ago... #bigpicture


Indexing is Not Passive

Index investing has become more popular in recent years. For example, someone can hold an index fund that tracks the S&P 500 index ... #bigpicture


What Happens Next?

Market analysts and commentators love to make appearances in the media and share their predictions about what will happen next. Often, ... #bigpicture


Mid Year Report Card

I use a number of different investment strategies, each covered in a different section of this web site. The "top level" asset allocation... #bigpicture


Zoom Out to 1 Year

Lately, daily volatility in markets has been extreme. To see things more clearly, I think it helps to "zoom out" and look at the longer term... #bigpicture


Mild TSX Correction So Far

Would it surprise you to hear that this has been a mild stock correction so far? For Canada's benchmark index, this current selloff... #bigpicture


COVID-19 and Stocks

Posting an article like this one is risky, because at some point in the future, the outcome of COVID-19 will be known... #bigpicture


Trouble Investing New Money

Are you having trouble investing new money? Are concerns about an overvalued stock market preventing you from making purchases?... #bigpicture


I am not a Tortoise

According to Wikipedia, most tortoise species can live to around 100 years, with some living over 150 years... #bigpicture


Backtesting with the Portfolio Visualizer

One of my favourite investment-related web sites is the Portfolio Visualizer, a collection of analysis tools that can be used to study the behaviour... #bigpicture


Choosing My Asset Allocation

I've described some details of risk parity, but I should explain how I arrived at my PRP asset allocation. There is no ideal single asset allocation... #bigpicture


I don't know what the market will do

I don't know how the economy will behave, if we'll get runaway inflation, and if stocks will continue to do well. #bigpicture


Investment goals

Here, I describe my own investment goals to provide context for the articles I write... #bigpicture


We are shaped by our experiences

Investing can mean different things to different people, and not everyone has the same priorities... #bigpicture