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Some Excellent Podcast Episodes


I enjoy listening to the Rational Reminder podcast. They cover a pretty wide range of investing topics, discuss research, and have some impressive guests.

I recently listened to two episodes which touch on very important "big picture" issues that investors face. I strongly recommend listening to these, as there are important lessons and thoughts about the challenges faced by investors.

(There are also full transcripts, if you prefer to read instead of listening.)

Episode 299 - The Most Important Lessons in Investing: the key insights reviewed here are truly very important. Even an experienced investor will benefit from this review. I agreed with every single point that was mentioned.

Episode 308 - Dan Bortolotti: The Canadian Couch Potato: this is an interview with Dan, who championed the "Couch Potato" approach in Canada, introducing large numbers of people to simple index investing. Dan talks about behavioural challenges faced by investors, asset allocation choices, and the beauty of portfolio simplicity. The discussion morphs a bit into a pitch for advisor services near the end.

Jem Berkes