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My portfolio is an index sampling approach that mirrors XIU, but with equal sector weights. In my view, this is an easy way to hold an approximation of the TSX 60 index in a non-registered account, without using an ETF.

These are not stock recommendations or advice; I'm just sharing what I'm doing with my own money. I do NOT recommend duplicating what I'm doing here. Although I like this method, it may not be appropriate for other people, and might be deeply flawed.

See the historical performance.

Stock symbol Sector Weight
RY Financial 20%
ENB Energy 20%
CNR Industrial 20%
BCE Telecom 20%
FTS Utility 20%

2020-01-11 Update

At year end, I evaluted the portfolio and went through the update methodology. Remember that this is not a buy-and-hold... #xiutop

2019-08-25 methodology

The method uses individual stocks to approximate the TSX 60 index by holding the largest weight (largest market cap)... #xiutop